EDC Series Part Two: The things you carry on your body

Many of the things that are part of your EDC is stuff that you carry on your body. These are the items that are with you the entire day. There is a lot of benefits on being aware about what you bring with you at all times.


Your clothing is without a doubt part of your EDC and should be thoroughly thought through. If you are exposed to the elements a lot you should consider something that allows you to stay dry and warm and if you stay mainly indoors you should aim for something that is within the dresscode that also allow you to carry all of the rest of your stuff while still keeping a low profile.

Cargo pants are an invaluable asset if they are allowed within the dresscode you have to follow as they allow you to bring a lot of useful stuff in your pockets. Functional jackets and vests have the same benefits.


Pretty much anyone is using a smartphone nowadays. It is an amazing tool that puts the collected knowledge of the world right at your fingertips. Make sure that you download the necessary apps that enables you to simplify the workflow of your day.


This is one asset that most people ignore. The value of carrying a pen with you every day is enormous. How many times have you asked everyone around you to borrow a pen in order to sign something or making a note? You probably lost count haven’t you? I always carry a Fisher Bullet Space Pen in my pants front pocket as well as a Parker Jotter in my jacket and have lost track on how many times I have had to use them on the fly.


Of course you can take notes on your smartphone or tablet. But there is something special of actually putting your ideas in writing as well as being able to scribble out some sketches when needed. A cheap and simple notebook should always be in your back pocket.


There is always a need to protect your cards and your cash from all the cool stuff you have in your pockets as well as from the elements. The choice of wallet is a personal one that you should consider with your needs and lifestyle as criteria. I use an EXENTRI WALLET. There are also wallets that protect you from being ripped off by the RFID chip in new cards.


A keychain is much needed in order to organize and protect your keys. There are traditional ones as well as the fancy and awesome folding ones that has taken the market by storm. The choice is up to you.


I have been using a Polar V800 sports watch since they first came out. It allows me to keep track on my day to day activity levels, workout effort, time and date of course and it has smart notifications so that I can see what is going on on my smartphone without taking it out of my pocket. I strongly believe that smart watches is the future. But one should never be without a classic timepiece for those formal occasions.


I cannot begin to describe how useful this is and how much you are going to be using this every day when you begin to carry it and start to remember that  you have it on you. There is always things that go missing under furniture or in dark corners etc and with a flashlight at hand you will eliminate that annoyance from your life for good. I carry a small cheap AAA flashlight, but there is of course a lot of more expensive, cool alternatives out there. AAA batteries are readily available everywhere in comparison button cells and so on.


MacGyver could do everything thanks to his swiss army knife, no problem was too big for him. Having the tools to take care of small problems and malfunctions will make you the go-to-guy at work, building you a great reputation. I switch between carrying a Victorinox Tinker and a Leatherman Wave.


I carry one in my pocket at all times so that I have my resume and other documents at hand at all times. This is backed up in the cloud as well so that I can access my documents both online and offline whenever needed. Make sure that you password protect your flashdrive just in case it ends up in the wrong hands.


That was it for this week. I hope that you have found some of this information valuable. Please let me know in the comments section or via the contact form if you have any questions or anything you want to add. Stay tuned for a new article in this series next friday.

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  1. I think I purchased my first lock knife at the roughly the same age having cleared out the local corner shop of their pen knives on a regular basis which were mounted on a large cardboard display and held in place with elastic loops. I wish I still had one to see just how bad they were!

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