EDC Series Part One: What is EDC?

EDC, an abbreviation for Everyday Carry has become an ever more popular subject in the last couple of years. The phenomenon has everything to do with being prepared for all the situations that you may meet in day to day life.

A lot of people are showing off their EDC’s to the internet, inspiring each others on sites like everydaycarry.com.

Every friday for the the next few weeks I will post a new article covering this topic in order to hopefully inspire others to be prepared for the problems of day to day life. This is by no means a weird school for doomsday preppers, but an inspiration to how you can get through your day at ease thanks to the right tool at the right time.

I will be covering topics on how to put together your own EDC, choosing a bag or backpack, general items that everyone should be carrying as well as good suggestions on things you could be carrying in order to make your day easier.

Having the correct tools to make sure that you can simply solve the tasks of everyday life will dramatically improve your efficiency and in time it will improve your reputation due to you becoming the go-to guy (or girl) and the real office MacGyver.

I hope that you find this series useful and please let me know in the comments section or via the contact form if you have any additions or questions.

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