Book review: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco

The Millionaire Fastlane has to be one of the most motivating books that I have read in a long time, the entire book takes you on a road trip to riches providing you the right car and the right road maps for you to find your way to your final destination: Financial freedom in a young age. The book is straight to the point and is written in a conversational easily read style.

When MJ DeMarco was a young boy he was on his way to buy an ice cream when he saw a Lamborghini showing up. He asked the rather young man driving the car what he did for a living expecting to the guy to answer that he was an executive or something like that, but instead the guy answered that he was an inventor.

Fascinated by this relatively young man being able to afford a supercar, MJ decided there and then that he was going to become a millionaire and own a Lamborghini so he started to study what other self made millionaires had done to come where they are today. This strategy worked and MJ is now retired at a young age with a nice house and guess what, a Lamborghini.

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There are three kinds of people in the world. We have the sidewalkers that spend all of their money (sometimes, even more than they own) every single month in order to get instant gratitude by sacrificing tomorrow. Then there is the slowlaners, they follow the solutions off all the personal finance gurus and work hard at a job their entire life, saving 10 percent off their income in order to hopefully become a millionaire when they are old and unable to enjoy their money. That is IF the stock market increases, and they don’t die before they get to enjoy the money. The fastlaners work extremely hard for a short time in order to create passive income systems and products and services that can be unlimitedly leveraged in order to make large amounts of money. They know that “get rich fast” is not a scam but that there is no such thing as “get rich easy”.

The book gives a lot of fantastic rules and ideas on how you can use the Fastlane system in order to make yourself rich in a short amount of time. It tells you exactly how you can go about finding problems that need to be solved in order to bring value to massive amounts of people in order to make massive amounts of money.

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How about the risk you say? People that work at a job (like I am) are selling five days of their life in order to get two days of freedom. Fastlaners follow different rules; they sell five years of their lives in order to be set for the rest of their lives.

Money doesn’t bring you happiness, freedom does. And money can for sure buy you freedom.

All in all a fantastic and inspiring book that I recommend to everyone looking to improve their financial situation.

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