Why you should consider going paperless

I believe that I probably will never be able to go completely paperless as I really like to do all my drafts on paper as this enables me to structure my notes better. However, after I started to digitize my notes, receipts, documents and so on I have noticed a lot of improvements in my day to day life.

Massively decluttering

Before I began reducing the paper around my apartment, there were paper everywhere. There would be old envelopes, documents, notes, bills, receipts and so on. Some had fallen on the floor due to the draft from some open windows and I was beating myself up for being a pig that was living like this.

By simply scanning my notes, receipts and other documents I can easily find them in the cloud or on my hard drive the minute I need them. If I need to keep hardcopies of some documents I just put them in an organizer folder that I tidy up occasionally.

All you need to get started with this is just a simple scanner and a computer

Saving money

Before I used to receive all my bills per mail (snail mail that is). Occasionally, one of my bills would get lost in the massive pile of papers on my living room table and I would pay it too late and had to pay fees in addition.

When going “almost” paperless I sat down for a few hours and arranged for almost all my bills to arrive online, either by email or that they show up directly in my internet banking. This has made my life so much simpler and I can pay everything on time as there are no cracks for my bills to fall through anymore.

Saving our lungs

The rainforest is getting smaller every day, there is no getting around that. The paper industry is one of the perpetrators that contribute to this. I am by no means a radical environmentalist that screams save the whales, kill the people, but I do however believe that if there is something I can do that both benefits me and the environment alike, then why wouldn’t I do it?

Think about it, you will benefit both economically and environmentally. If everyone reduced their paper consummation by getting their bills online, opting for a ceramic mug instead of paper cups at work, and started buying e-books and e-magazines instead of paper ones. Just think about the massive benefits for both the environment and everyone that lives on this earth.

Saving space

Books are heavy, bulky pieces of awesomeness. They take up a lot of space, cost quite a bit of money and uses an insane amount of paper. I will not lie, I have quite a large book collection and I will probably not get rid of it. My books are my babies, but I do try to sell or give away the books that I will only read once and that are not needed as reference books. But every time that I buy new books now I always make sure that I check if they are available for my Kindle first. Normally these are cheaper and they don’t take up any space.

Saving your employers money

Where I work, we have a lot of coffee machines, and where there are coffee machines there will be paper cups. I drink quite a lot of coffee, and I wouldn’t even dare to think about how many paper cups this would add up to in a year.

A simple solution for this is to either get a cup in the cafeteria or bringing a commuter mug from home. You can wash it once a week and just rinse it off between cups. Just think about how much your employer could save every year. And in the long run, more savings could assist in increasing wages.

As a bonus, you could fill up your mug before your commute home, saving you a fortune on the latte you would have bought anyways.

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