8 amazing ways to find 16 hours to learn new things every week.

We can all relate to it, there is a massive amount of information, knowledge and skills that you would like to acquire, but not enough hours in the day to cover it all in the time you want.

Here I will show you 8 small adjustments you can to in your day to day life that will enable you to find over 16 hours of extra time every single week to learn what you are interested in.

With these tips in addition to your normal hours that you study at home or where it might be you will be obtaining massive amounts of knowledge in record time which will give you the competitive edge in the workplace, hobby, life, the possibilities are endless.

So without further introduction, here is my list on 8 ways to finding more time to learn.

#1 While you are on the toilet (20 min x 7 =140min)

Let’s face it; we all have to use the bathroom on a daily basis. For the most part it is a time when we do absolutely nothing (well, except from the obvious). It is estimated that we spend about 92 days in a lifetime in the bathroom. To round that of, that is a total of 90 days that you can be listening to audio books or reading. That’s an incredible amount of time!


#2 In between tasks at work (20min x 7 =140min)

In most jobs there is those small windows of time that we are in between tasks or assignments, if not there is still a lunch break during the days. Most people use this time to read up on Facebook and the like, but not you. You know that this is valuable time that you take advantage of to improve on yourself by reading a chapter or listening to an audio book for a little while.

#3 While driving (2 hours+)

It is estimated that the average person spend approximately 5 years driving in a lifetime. If you can leverage that time from passive time to learning/study time then you will have five years of knowledge more than the average guy. We both know that this will help set you apart from the rest. So get yourself an Audible Membership and start on those 5 years today.


#4 When you are stuck in an airport (varies)

Of course, not everyone is stuck in an airport at regular times like I am, but whenever you are you can make use of that time by reading, listening to audio books and even to do actual work. In an environment like this you are crazy productive because there is a lot less distractions to take away your focus.

#5 On planes, trains etc. (varies)

The same thing goes here as for airports and the like. You can be crazy productive and thanks to that you are able to free up more time to do the things that means the most to you.


#6 While working (1-2 hours)

A lot of the jobs available out there enable you to be able to read or listen to an audio book. If you drive delivery trucks there is nothing wrong with listening to audio books, same thing if you are doing the dishes somewhere. In many jobs, my estimate on 1-2 hours can be tremendously more giving you an insane amount of extra time learning new things. And the best of all, you are getting paid to do it. Just a piece of advice: Make sure that you listening to audio books or reading does not affect the quality or quantity of your work!

#7 When you are out shopping (1 hour)

Same as the others, listen to podcasts or audio books while roaming the shops and you will gain a lot of hours in a lifetime.


#8  Walking the dog (1 hr x 7 =7Hours+)

This one is one of my all time favorites. When you are out walking the dog, listen to audio books, TED talks or whatever helps you reach your goals. After a while you will start to see the results and can start to take even longer and more frequent walks, this will supercharge your learning no matter what you are interested in. And the best: You do not even have to own a dog, there is nothing stopping you from taking walks by yourself.

I hope that this has been helpful to you and that you reach all the goals you set your mind to. If you have more tips, let me know in the comments or contact me under the contact tab on the top of the page!

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