The top 5 reasons that I love my Amazon Kindle

I was probably among the very first people in Norway to get an Amazon Kindle, hardly anyone I knew had even heard about it when I first got one. It was the old type with the button keyboard and it was state of the art back then. After getting one for the first time I was sold and here are my top five reasons why:

Fantastic travel companion

I travel quite a lot for work and spend extended times in hotels and airports. Normally for a two week trip I would have needed to pack a 3-4 books and probably a magazine with me as well as everything else. With my Kindle Paperwhite it weighs next to nothing and takes up less space than a pocket book in my bag. (Just don’t forget it in the seat pocket in front of you when you leave the plane as that will result in a lot of hassle with lost and found! Trust me!)

Declutters my home

I absolutely love books, there is nothing that has helped me as much in my life than reading books have and my apartment has taken the hit for it with books everywhere. Lately I have started to sell some of the books I have already read and taken notes from. I can do this because my Kindle can hold approx. 1100 books for me so that I don’t have to take up any more space than I have to. Of course I take pride in some of my hardcopies but at least the Kindle helps with the bulk of it.

Way cheaper books

Kindle books are almost always cheaper than hardcopies because they don’t need any printing, shipping or handling. That means that it pays for itself in a short time if you are like me and buy a lot of books.

No yelling in bed

My Kindle Paperwhite has saved me in bed (pun intended). I normally was denied to keep the bedside lamp on because my girlfriend wants the room dark when trying to sleep. But now my Kindle has light that is adjustable so that I can read before falling asleep without bothering anyone else. And the amazing thing is that it does not fatigue my eyes like a cellphone or tablet would.

Amazing selection

The selection on Kindle titles is nothing short of amazing. There are normal titles like the ones you find in bookstores as well as a huge selection of self-published titles that are normally very well researched and straight to the point. In a bookstore you are mostly restricted to what they have on the shelves or that they can order for you. With the Kindle store the books are plentiful (some classics are free) and since they are digital, they are a commodity that does not run out of store.

Get one here: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

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